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Here are the video courses based on the book ‘’Looking ahead-the will to change’’ as well as other similar themes.

Course 1 consists of twelve sections covering the entire book. It is not necessary to have the book to do this course, although it does make the experience more complete. Course 1 provides a segment of the course each month for a year at NOK 229,- per month. TOTAL NOK 2280,-

Course 2 is a three-part theme-based course with access to the entire set of video’s upon payment. Price per segment is NOK 779,-. Theme one is about creativity; Theme two covers children and adolescents. More themes to be established, any suggestions?

Course 3 is the same as course 1 but you receive the course in its entirety at once to view at your convenience. You will also receive a bonus video about creativity with your purchase. NOK 2280,-

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
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