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This is an inspiring book by Elisabeth Trædal, which I can sincerely recommend - we can all learn from her journey. Elisabeth has written a book about making active decisions to be more aware and present in our lives. She opens doors to the inherent personal treasures and dreams we all possess, but are often unable to reach due to ‘noise’, stress and ignorance. The book challenges us to take hold of ourselves, who we are, where we come from, how we relate to others, and how we can get in touch with our dreams. Do we have subconscious scars that need attention and focus before we can move-on? Is there a need to strengthen relationships with family, friends, or colleagues? She urges us to confront unresolved feelings and ‘autopilot’ thoughts in order to create a pure and lively existence guided by love and gratitude. When the path is clear and bright, we should consider both our fellow humans as well as ourselves with tolerance and warmth. Elisabeth shares her personal experience and specific advice on how change is possible. She moves the focus from the material driven world to a spiritual place inside ourselves where devotion and integrity are the goals via a path of love and forgiveness. ‘’My Journey Ahead – Willingness to change’’ inspires active change from old entrenched ideas and attitudes to facilitate quality, love and meaning in the here and now.

Monica Øien is an entrepreneur, designer, blogger, and pilates and yoga instructor.

Elisabeth has been a friend since childhood. We grew up in the same street in Våland Stavanger, and I have known her almost all my life. Recently she has impressed me by writing a fantastic book, which I hereby warmly recommend. Elisabeth generously shares her life experiences with us in an unpretentious, simple, and forthright manner. She gives us practical and useful tips that aim to facilitate positive change within practical issues that we commonly experience in everyday life. Upon reading the book, I experienced time and again how Elisabeth so easily puts thoughts and feelings into words – I had several a-ha moments! Apart from it being simply a good read, I am very impressed with the wisdom my childhood friend has developed and is willing to share with us – thank you Elisabeth.

Siri Kalvig is the founder and former CEO of weather company Storm Weather Centre. Today she is a doctoral student in offshore technology at the university of Stavanger. Prior to that she led the Strom Weather Centre’s Stavanger office, and held a board member position at Stavanger University between 2007 and 2009.

Are you searching for your path? 20 –ha moments that will help you find it! Elisabeth Trædal, mother of two with husband, job, car and house – yes, everything – felt that something was still missing inside. She describes life situations that present challenges we all recognize in ourselves and gives specific advice on how to meet them: my life mission, fear and freedom, partner, job, children, diet and food, and bad days. ‘’I had no idea how much joy and enthusiasm were waiting for me – the only thing I had to do was take responsibility and confront the task of getting to know oneself and begin the journey towards one’s full potential’’. She does not deny that meditation and mindfulness are important tools, and aims for the book to save you the intital effort she went through before ‘’stumbling upon this treasure’’.

The book ‘’Looking ahead-the will to change’’ is 14 chapters of true-to-life situations that everyone can recognize and relate to, with concrete advice on how to solve them in a better way than autopilot often programs us to do so. This is a true story about an ordinary woman’s journey of awakening towards an open-minded life filled with greater opportunity for personal happiness and harmony with others. For me personally, her chapter about awareness of our relationships with our children is alone worth as much as the entire book. For some, her dead honest depiction of the back-and-forth nature of dieting and nutrition will be valuable. For those striving for balance within their relationship, I believe the advice within the pages of this book may even be the explosive power that turns divorce statistics on their head. As you may be able to see, Elisabeth is all but an ordinary woman – she has discovered and mapped the way to the extraordinary. This book provides you with the opportunity to discover your own path forward to your extraordinary potential, and may even allow your sparkle to rub off on those around you. I recommend this book because it is remarkably good, and I’m sure it will provide support and benefit to many who read it.’

Laila Madsö is a qualified journalist with 25 years experience in the media branch, including managing editor at Elle Magazine and chief editor at Henne magazine.